Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Old School Spirit . . .

Hard to believe, but Mike wasn't really the first kinky guy I've been with. Let me tell you about Lee.

I'm not really a princess kind of girl. I'm more of a tomboy, if anything, and I didn't really like to hang with girls who were princesses either. Needless to say, I certainly wasn't the sorority type, and I didn't really go for the fraternity guys, either. But somehow, in my senior year, I found myself dating Lee.

Okay, it's not like Lee was in one of the elite frats. Just kind of average, which is kind of what Lee was like, but he was a sweet guy, and for whatever reason, he really enjoyed the friendship of the other average joe's in his house. It was even sort of cute the way they'd get together and talk all earnestly about sports or jobs or girls. They might've been average, but at least they weren't jaded.

And the sex was just kind of average, too. I didn't mind so much - sometimes it's fun to not have to work so hard to impress somebody. Lee would get on me, stick his cute little penis in me, and just seemed to enjoy himself so much when he'd ride me for a few minutes that I felt like I was just this hot sexy girl that was just giving it away to him.

So anyway, one night, Lee and I are sitting around his apartment with his roommate Bill, who's also in the frat. The three of us are playing some stupid drinking game - maybe quarters. Lee is being Mr. PDA, having me sit in his lap, stroking my thighs (I was wearing some loose shorts and a t-shirt), nuzzling my neck in between rounds. And of course, his little boner is pressing against my ass. He is all flushed, and he is horny, right there in front of his friend Bill.

Who I notice, when I look over at his crotch (I'm a total crotch-watcher, which you will soon come to realize), is also horny, and which I find totally amusing. That's what was kind of cute about these guys - normally, at this point in the night, guys I dated previously would have kicked out their buddy and taken me into their room for a good lay.

Not these two, which is by now getting interesting. So being just slightly the exhibitionist, I play along. I want to see how long it takes before Lee wants to get laid, so I start kissing him on the mouth and rubbing him in a not-so-discreet way.

And he goes for it. He's french kissing me back, feeling up my tits, and he kind of rolls me over on the couch so he's now on top of me, wedging my legs open with his hips, all of this right there in front of Bill, who is just eating Doritos and encouraging Lee to go for it.

It was weird - at this point, the only time I'd ever been caught in the act was when roommates accidentally walked in on me with a guy, and then they turned right back around. But here was Bill, being encouraged by Lee, watching the whole thing. So I figure, what the hell, I'm graduating in a couple months, and if Lee doesn't mind, I'm game to see how far he goes in front of his buddy.

And for a very average nice guy, I have to hand it to Lee. He did go for it. We're drunk, my shirt's pushed up over my tits by now, and I'm pulling his hard little cock out of his pants at this point, and Bill is still there enjoying the hell out of the show. So what the hell - I pull my shorts to the side and pull Lee into my pussy, which is totally soaked from just the utter weirdness of it all.

And I look over at Bill and smile when he smiles at me. All three of us are looking at each other and smiling as if we were just talking about a class or a game or something. Maybe that's the thing about these frat boys - they're really into this communal kind of thing, and it all seems natural just to have sex all together, like it was supper time and everyone eats at the same table.

And that's when we get to the weird part (weirder part?). Lee is a good little boy and comes in me after his usual two minute drill. He rolls off of me, with his wet, shrinking dick laying there in the open for both of us to see, completely unashamed, and which I found totally cute and non-threatening for some reason. And Bill says kind of jokingly, "hey, what about me?" So Lee looks at me, gives me this questioning look, and kind of shrugs his shoulders.

And shockingly, at least to myself at the time, I just say, "sure, why not?" So Lee moves out from between my legs, Bill stands up, walks over to me, and I help him push his jeans down to his knees. And out pops another cute little cock, almost identical to Lee's. And all I want to do is to give him a nice ride, too, just like I just gave to his buddy. So I pull him between my legs, guide him inside me (my pussy is totally soaked with my juice and Lee's come at this point), and just let him have a quick ride. And just like his buddy, it only take him about a minute to shoot off in me.

And then it's over, and I have these two guys with me with their penises hanging out in front of me and each other, and of course, being my sweet little frat boys, they give each other a very dorky, pants-wide-open high five. Which makes me break out in belly laughs, and pretty soon, all three of us are laying around laughing at the weirdness of it all.

And no, I didn't come until later, after I'd gone home and reached down and felt how wet I was with those two guys's sperm in me, and fingered my clit before I went to sleep. I was realy happy, too. For some reason, I always pictured my first threesome to be this really slutty, dirty experience, and here I am now, reflecting on it many years later, marveling at how cute the whole thing was.

So that's my threesome story (one of them, at least). And yes, I've told it to Mike many, times, and it never fails to get him off, just like my frat boys so long ago.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Can I Get A Witness . . .

Let me tell you about Mike, my husband.

He's a good guy, steady husband, goes to work every day like clockwork, puts up with a lot of crap at the insurance company he works at, yet still has a smile for our kids when he gets off that train.

He's sweet to me, too, thinking of me, sending me naughty texts some days, letting me know how much he loves me after more than a few years of marriage.

I appreciate him, and I encourage him when he needs an outlet. Being an English major-turned-finance guy, he thinks he's got a novel in him somewhere. Only it turns out, when he sits down to write something, he's totally blocked. So like a good wife, I give my guy a little encouragement - a nice blowjob to get him past the block. Only now, he's in that post-orgasm lethargy, where all you want to do is lay there and look at the ceiling fan go round.

So being the kind of wife who won't let a perfectly good blowjob to waste, the next time, I take him right to the edge, and I leave him hanging. And I tell him to write.

And he says he can't - he's too horny. So I tell him to write about sex. And he does, and it's like the dam is bursting. All of a sudden, he is writing page after page of the dirtiest pornography I have read in my life.

And I am shocked, and proud of my finance guy, who is finding his voice. And a little flattered, too, because of lot of fiction has its basis in fact. Clearly, my Mike has starting spinning an amazing yarn out of some of our adventures.

Which is all well and good. But remember, I'm a technical writer. And something inside me tells me that I have to tell my own story, too, and that I have to tell it the way it happened. Because I'm supportive of Mike. But still, I have to set down events as they happened, not as they've been imagined. And let his readers puzzle over what's fact and what's fantasy.

Hence, the raison d'etre of this blog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Journey Begins . . .

I kind of hate myself for how much time I spend reading blogs, and now I'm going to write one of my own? As if I didn't already have enough to do . . . as my own mom would say, "this house isn't going to clean itself."