Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saran Wrap Adventures Continue!!

My husband and I started our spring cleaning in the garage. We recently moved so the movers left this gigantic roll of clear Saran wrapping behind. Well given our new love of this great plastic, we decided if a small roll was fun, bigger was better right??

We laid the wrap on our carpeting one night and lightly glazed it with our favorite lube. We got undressed, and started rolling around on the new floor. Nothing like some nude wrestling to get me horny. Mike started to wrap me starting from my breasts, then around my waist and hips. He bounded my wrists together over my head with the Saran wrap too. He headed down south to make a neat hole for my vagina opening and then continued wrapping each leg separately down to my ankles. It was like I was a human condom all bounded up. He sucked and bit my nipples HARD through the wrap making some teeth marks in the plastic. I love every minute. I had to put my mind in a place that made me enjoy every moment, every lick and bite. I was ready to accept all the pleasure I could.

Mike took a couple of pictures of me laying there all wrapped up. He was hard and VERY willing to give me himself. He loved being in control and I relished in losing control. He lubed up a finger and began to caress my lips "down there". He softly rubbed my clit with his thumb up and down and then slowly penetrated me with his two fingers. I think he took his other fingers and rubbed my lips all the while he was doing this. It felt like there were a couple of guys going to town giving me a seductive massage down there. I lost myself in my lust and how beautiful my cunt felt. I really wish I had a mirror to see everything he was doing because the lust and wanting for him to continue was intense. I started to lift up my hips up and down because my first reaction to that kind of rubbing is to thrust. Hard, deep and long.

Ok, all horny husbands out there, sex tip from me: when you combine making your wife feel like the most wanted woman in the world (or in my case, the sluttiest woman), combine that with some dirty talk, lube, gentle clit rubbing, you'll get a female bomb ready and willing for sex. Get ready to hear some groaning, for sure.

His sweat combined with some of the lube made for some good fucking! We slid all over the place and all over each other. I was the wrapped up hole ready for a dick. And no condom this time. And Ronald this one is for you: for most of time since I lost my virginity I rarely had a moment with a condom. Once I got that raw meat in me, I never wanted anything to get in the way of getting that warm cum in me. When my husband and I have sex, I can feel when my husband is getting to cum in me by how warm and rigid he gets Once he cums, all that hot cum presses some sort of button in me and I orgasm.

We had a lot of fun, which of course is what sex is suppose to be all about right?! Hope this inspires everyone to get their own roll of large Saran wrap (or at least have a good time masturbating to our domestic adventure.). Good night.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ah, the Saran Wrap

Take the following things and roll them into one: saran wrap, a horney wife, and a husband who has a good sense of adventure and what do you get? Our Saturday night.

How Mike and I got on the subject of dental dams I'm not sure. Yeah, I have to be honest that I'm kinda deft about that kind of stuff, but I said "hey why don't you go down on me and we use Saran wrap instead?" Talk about hot. He's ALWAYS willing to down on me, I love it and can come easily from it, but adding the Saran wrap was fun. As he licked me continously, my fantasies ranged from new guy who I just picked up at a bar to a my hot internist that I have a secret crush on. After I came, I made him put on a condom to complete the fantasy of "new guy". At first I was worried I wouldn't have another orgasim, but not so. He got on top and we talked about the girls he fucked with condoms and the guys I didn't. I'll admit it: I've always liked it raw, without condoms.

Sunday morning, woke up naked next to him horney again. Later in the afternoon we napped. I had total sex dreams about fucking old college boyfriends. Mike pressed up against me and with the 10 minutes we had to spare before kids came knocking on the door, we lubed up and fucked again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, Seth . . .

From Angie's mouth to Seth's ear. I am hopelessly out of touch here in middle America. No sooner do I write a dated blog post about Seth's movies from last fall (I got kids! That's my excuse for everything!) then Seth shows up on the TV circuit, modeling his newly-trained physique.

So Seth Rogen is now sporting a six-pack. What has the world come to? I think we all know how this movie ends - Seth wants to do dramatic roles, Seth wants to be an auteur, Seth pens a workout book.

Okay, I'm not condoning unhealthy living and drug abuse, but sometimes, I really miss the archetypes - John Candy, Chris Farley, John Belushi. Yeah, I'm biased - they all have a Chicago connection. And sure, Seth has probably always been LA. But hey man, those Chicago guys - they were real.

Of course, I'll keep watching his movies. On DVD, of course, because I never get out. Because I'm a mom!