Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, Seth . . .

From Angie's mouth to Seth's ear. I am hopelessly out of touch here in middle America. No sooner do I write a dated blog post about Seth's movies from last fall (I got kids! That's my excuse for everything!) then Seth shows up on the TV circuit, modeling his newly-trained physique.

So Seth Rogen is now sporting a six-pack. What has the world come to? I think we all know how this movie ends - Seth wants to do dramatic roles, Seth wants to be an auteur, Seth pens a workout book.

Okay, I'm not condoning unhealthy living and drug abuse, but sometimes, I really miss the archetypes - John Candy, Chris Farley, John Belushi. Yeah, I'm biased - they all have a Chicago connection. And sure, Seth has probably always been LA. But hey man, those Chicago guys - they were real.

Of course, I'll keep watching his movies. On DVD, of course, because I never get out. Because I'm a mom!

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Anonymous said...

A little of topic... but how is the new book coming along? any idea when it will be ready?
The "kixx's"