Thursday, March 5, 2009

HNT - Not . . .

Angie here - I'm back, but still stuck in some late winter doldrums, I guess. Feeling guilt about not posting, but not feeling particularly inspired by anything enough to write about it.

I was catching up on some blogs, and was over at Broadening Our Horizons reading some very open and honest posts on sexuality, including some very thoughtful discussion on marriage and what it's like to not feel sexual when everyone expects you should.

And one of the things that struck me was that all of this thoughtful writing, over a period of a few weeks, merited only one comment - from his lovely wife. Yet the one HNT picture (of the aforementioned lovely wife) generated nine comments.

Now, I'm not trying to be a comment-whore here. And I'm not against naked pictures - I'm actually one of the few women (0r not-so-few women - I honestly have no statistics to back this up) that enjoys watching porn. But something feels wrong when a couple expresses some of their deepest thoughts to the world, and the best that the audience can do is to say, "hey - nice titties!"

Suburban Hotwife is also kind of feeling around the edges of this subject, and she raises some excellent points about the nature of the audience as well.

I don't know where I'm going with this, and I have a toddler screaming at me to get him out of his crib right now, so I'll have to leave this topic unfinished. Maybe part of it is that I realize that things like HNT, or TMI, or whatever are good prompts to get us all writing, but in some ways, they make me feel like I'm catering to the prurient or voyeuristic side of the audience.

Anyway, I'm all mixed up, but I'll post this just to start the conversation . . .


Hubman said...

I think a number of us has been there before. I just did a quick check, and only about 1 out of every 25 visitors leaves a comment on my blog. Thought I don't know if that's more or less than the 'average'...

In the past, I've paid too much attention to blog stats (OK, I still do pay a *little* too much attention...) and occasionally need to remind myself why I blog. While I enjoy the feedback and interaction that can develop, I write what I want, without concern about the "appeal" a given post may have for those who regularly visit.

At least, that's what I try to do :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie! You've never posted a pic, and I come back at least once a week to check for a new post. I actually really enjoy your thoughts on sex and marriage; i've just never felt the need to add any comment.

I really liked that one bit about being horny on the green stuff! So true!

Keep up the good work!
(P.S. An idea for a future post: sex after baby. I've always been curious about the adjustment back to having a sex life)

linz said...

I know I read a lot of blogs and almost never comment. Funny. I do have my own blog (different topic) and really appreciate it when people comment. Your post in particular has inspired me to comment more often.
Thanks Angie, and I really do enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

I post now and then.. Reading your blog and Mikes book have made me check in often.
Watching porn with your wife can be erotic...You should recommend any thing that would be hot for couples. Is Mike going to have a new book soon? Are there any books like his out there?
Mr. K

Salt and Pepper said...

We definitely know where you're coming from on this.
Great blog, btw.

Matt said...

I sympathize; I greatly enjoy getting comments, but find myself hoping for more feedback than I get. I guess at some level we all crave validation, and comments provide evidence of personal impact above and beyond that which comes from traffic stats!